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Pizza Is Life

Ever since Kyle was a little boy, he has loved pizza.  One of his earliest memories is riding on the school bus, on the last day of first grade; the bus driver had a pizza party for everyone. He remembers he got two slices and craving so much more!  Since that fateful day, he could never get enough good pizza – and thus he began his quest for the perfect slice of pizza.

Now, as a successful professional – Kyle had the ability to purchase all the different types of pizza he craved.  He tried every different pizza type and combination until finally, his hunger was sated --or so he thought...After trying pizza all over the United States and even in Brazil, Kyle found there was a lot of poor quality pizza out there, so, he decided to try making his own perfect pizza.

 He admits to making many mistakes in the beginning of his pizza-making quest but over the years, he has honed his skills and taken advice from many pizza makers all over the world. As Kyle's pizza-making skills grew and more friends tried his pies he kept hearing, "you need to sell this pizza! There isn't anything out there this good!" He decided it was time to test his pizza-making prowess and to serve the masses his delicious pizza and see if they also thought it was the end of their quest for the perfect slice of pizza.

Pizza has been a life long obsession for Kyle...
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